My Singing Monsters:DawnOfFire App Reviews

150 add


Cest normal si ça ne charge plus ?!

My monster disappeared!!

My only monster in Space Island disappeared! I took long time to get it there!!!!! And sooooooo long to get to the next level!!!!

Super mais ...

Coule!!! Mais beuge

Problemas de login / logins problems

How can I change my user ??? I had a problems with my first user and I like to restarting the game in this version its impossible and after reinstall one thousand times ... I am quitting :/

My singing monsters dawn of fire

My game didnt enter so i needed to reinstal so please make the atualization ocup less space and give my monsters back and give some gems please! I love this game but i didnt had any choise so i delete and i installed again so please give my monsters back! Please im sad!

Problems with login

How can I report a problem ? Im having issues, when I open the game and select result anonymous the following message appears : unable to connect to authorization sever, check you Internet connection then press ok to try again. The thing is my internet connection is fine, and this message keeps appearing, I dont wanna lost all my progress by creating a Game Center account. How can I report this problem ?

Best game based on music i ever played

Realy creative game that cuts edge by a hole new expirience and point of vew of a kind of game like this, the only thing is that some certain monsters are extremly alike in the way of singing and that they should come up with more creative, cute and astonihsing monsters


Macht Fun, gute Sounds! Prima Fortsetzung von My Singing Monsters 1.

Best Game in The World

Got this game for my two little girls (7&8) and they love it! Now I send them to bed early so I can take over the game while theyre asleep, I am completely sucked in!

Change this please

Every time I try to take away 15 mins from an upgrade or something it says error playing the video please try again later right when I press the button


Love these little singing guys. Their song brightens my day

Get original game

Good game but the original game is better.

IT SUCKS the first time I played it ,it glitched on the sucks


I like it but

Im having problems in the game I have 13 Apple pie things that arent registering so I cant feed my monster .. Im waisting all my diamonds trying to progress through that part

Creative and Fun

I downloaded this app at the request of my students and ended up with an account for myself as well. This app is great for kids and fun for adults too!

Nice game

Like the songs and voices

Great game

Love this game and the upgrade makes it better. I just wish I had more storage as I have to keep selling at the market I am, however, addicted. Keep up the good work.

So far so good

I played the previous game for ages and enjoyed . This one looks good so far.


I love this game they added new monsters and some old ones but as a baby so I am looking forward to get everything in the game

Great game

love the first one and the second one is just way to awesome.

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